Daljeet Singh Nandha

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Most people nowadays
choose their Xing, Facebook, LinkedIn profiles as a favoured public web presentation.

Lately I've been experimenting around with Bootstrap and JQuery and discovered how EASY it was to create a nicely looking website with those extremly powerful tools. This "enlightment" led me to create all sorts of wonderful websites. When you started off with plain text HTML in the 90's then this is truely a revelation. On the other side: back in the 90's we had no "mobile devices" so there wasn't really a need to adjust page layouts dynamically - at least not to the extend of todays "responsive" webdesign.

Now, let's come back to why YOU are here. Either, you found my profile page by mistake (unlikely) or you are interested in my person (more likely). So, feel free to look around. You will find information about my job activities, talents, personal experience and expertise. This should help you getting an impression on who you are dealing with in the first place.

About my person
I'm being a bit discrete here.

Daljeet Singh Nandha
Employed since
Employed in field(s)
Software development and commissioning
Employed in country
Bachelor Of Engineering

A comprehensive listing
of my experience levels in the field of software development.

It is worth mentioning that we are talking about a broad field of technologies. I found it most difficult to break down complex components into a regular table. So please be bear in mind that the listing doesn't provide any insight into interdisciplinarily competence.

Language Level
C Base
C++ Base
C# Advanced
Java Base
JavaEE Intermediate
Language Level
Python Intermediate
Perl Base
Ruby Base
PHP Advanced
- -
Name Level
ASP.Net (MVC) Intermediate
.NET Advanced
jQuery/Bootstrap Base
- -
- -
Name Level
SQL Advanced
Object-relational mapping Advanced
Access/OleDB Advanced
~JSON/~XML Advanced
Name Level
Android Studio Base
Ecplise Base
Unreal Engine Novice
Visual Studio Advanced
- -
Name Level
Linux Intermediate
MacOSX Base
Windows Advanced
iOS Base
Android Intermediate

Commissioning experience
and maintaining customer relations.

An important part of my job as a robot software developer is to "get the software running" at the customer site. But, let's go a step back. Laying the foundation for a solid solution is, well ... fundamental. What does that mean? How about: discussing all options, evaluating and sorting out the most suitable solutions and presenting those to the customer, in order to get a "bilateral agreement".

Customer relations is THE key component to success or failure of a task / project. In the end it comes down to thorough communication between client and supplier. Not only in the planning stages, but throughout the task / project. This may sound somehow out of a textbook. But when you get confronted with all sorts of questions, flaws, faults, concerns - then you have to sort out: what is doable and what is not. So here comes in a certain level of transparency: the customer needs to now what he will get and limits should be clear.

Most companies struggle competing with absurd concepts in order to get a deal. I'm interested in a business partner who gets things done. This includes, as laid out: business relations, clear communication, fast response time!


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